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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OpenStack Icehouse Multi-Node Setup Tutorial Part-4 : Messaging server (Install ZeroMQ)

Messaging server (Install ZeroMQ)

Message broker :
The software package used to provide AMQP messaging capabilities within Compute. Default package is RabbitMQ.

OpenStack uses a message broker to coordinate operations and status information among services. The message broker service typically runs on the controller node. OpenStack supports several message brokers including RabbitMQ, Qpid, and ZeroMQ.

ZeroMQ Notes

How to install ZeroMQ in Ubuntu

Install ZeroMQ
#sudo apt-get install libzmq1
#sudo apt-get install python-zmq
#sudo apt-get install redis-server

* Create Necessary directory for socket location.
#sudo mkdir -p /var/run/openstack
#sudo chown opsuser /var/run/openstack

* Later we need to specify this path in nova.conf, like
rpc_zmq_ipc_dir = /var/run/openstack


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