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Friday, May 15, 2015

OpenStack Create a VM in a selected subnet

Create a VM in selected subnet using IP in that subnet
#nova boot --flavor 1 --image e489afe7-add9-414e-9349-bfa737f02b73 --security-groups 989a351c-9448-4b52-a14f-3eb49ccb33ed --nic net-id=aeaf3661-cded-408f-9210-6917a6a60b87,v4-fixed-ip= sa-vm1

* Here VM goes to the subnet which has IP

1 comment:

  1. #nova boot --flavor 1 --image af724796-cea9-4f23-96e7-aa11548ee289 --security-groups 0a56280c-5728-484c-bc75-f4085b063809 --nic net-id=6c92fe01-e4b4-4515-bb3f-4361da2d93c8,v4-fixed-ip= myvm1