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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

git filter commit logs by Author and print it in single line

$git log -n 15 --pretty=oneline --author=saju myremote/contrailv2

018839692b324484aec12cd68c8fcaa13ad6c83f Added dan's changes to test upgrade
a3e907f7220471597a64d4fbfbd611390ede4a38 Added options for env specific repos
ec6f169a0549e0ecf1a7eea0fcaaedcc11cf0028 Disabling contrail-dns
6ca130da7fc11085a33a8250e69588401cf07f28 Enabled contrailv2 repos
42c8c208c4bbe50a9f47bc8e9f0dfa1b90a4a9c0 Enabled contrailv2 in AT

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