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Friday, June 10, 2016

reserved IP Addresses in a network subnet

Network/Subnet cidr is '' and you can allocate 12 IPs from this subnet.

Following Ips are got allocated from this subnet.

following addresses are reserved in this subnet. -> host -> gateway -> service address -> broadcast


  1. Service address:

    In every subnet, one address is reserved for Gateway (when enabled) and another is reserved for Services. This Services address is used as the DHCP server address and can be seen in all the DHCP responses.
    The same address is also used as the DNS server address for the subnet if DNS name server is not configured. In such a case, this address will be sent as domain-name-server in DHCP response to the VM.
    'dns-server-address' is the corresponding field in ipam-subnets. If not set, this address will be auto-allocated from the subnet (typically .2 address from the subnet).